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4fun.tv is a music and entertainment television channel. The channel came into being in February 2004. Since the beginning, 4fun.tv was perceived as a modern and innovative television channel. It offered its audience a new quality of television broadcast, innovative presentation of the commercials and non-standard program formats adapted to music and entertainment focused character of the station and using various tools allowing for interactive contact with the audience (mobile phones, SMS, the Internet). At the beginning, 4fun.tv was the first and only thematic television, which used those types of solutions. Many of those were later adopted by commercial television stations and the interactive model of the contact with the audience, enabled though interactive applications is currently a norm for thematic television channels. The channel was also recognized abroad, receiving numerous awards, including Hot Bird Awards for the most innovative television channel in Europe in 2004.


4fun.tv, as the first Polish television channel, introduced modern and innovative program policy differentiating it from the other television broadcasters; directing its offer to the group of viewers age 16-49. The basic assumption of the program strategy was a combination of the television with the basic functionality of the internet portals. The base of the program lineup of 4fun.tv consists of:


4fun.tv is a music and entertainment channel, therefore music and music programs constitute the basis of the program lineup. 4fun.tv is dominated by POP, Dance and R’n’B music selected on the basis of the current music charts, music tastes of the audience and the most popular music trends in the world.


Making all communication tools available to the audience (SMS, MMS, IVR1), 4fun.tv, as the first station on the Polish market, introduced basic functions of the internet portals into the traditional television. Using capacities of the own technological base, 4fun.tv offers its audience all types of fun using mobile phones.


Music programs are signature television formats produced by 4fun.tv. The characteristic feature of those programs is that they are produced in the studio with the participation of the presenters. The subject matter of the music programs covers presentation of music videos representing current trends and phenomena in the pop music with the professional commentary. They are complemented with the most current information and gossips from show business.


Those programs are created with participation of the audience. They have the form of reporting on all types of music events, concerts, cultural and sport events, where the reporting teams of 4fun.tv and their presenters show up. On premises they conduct interviews with the popular stars and favorites of the audience as well as the participants of the events.


Those are short animations for adults of significantly absurdist and sarcastic character. They are supposed to make the audience laugh, relax and slightly appall them.

4fun.tv in the digital media

Programs of 4fun.tv are also present in all newly created channels allowing for distribution of the video content:

  • Mobile phones:
    • streaming (4fun.tv is available in Orange and Plus – mobile phones providers)
    • program loops (available in Era and Play mobile networks)
  • Internet - IPTV services are offered in Poland, e.g. by TPSA and some cable networks
  • VOD – selected program formats available in VOD offer by some digital television operators, digital platforms and the internet portals.

Internet – IPTV services offered in Poland, among others by TPSA and some cable networks VOD – selected program formats available in VOD offer of some digital television operators, digital platforms and internet portals.


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The channel’s program is a throwback to the roots of real music television. This channel plays carefully selected hits.

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